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YOU DESIGN - We Build, Host, Train & Support

Selling Online Ltd is an Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) Partner in the UK. We offer Web & Graphic Designers a Web Development & Website Build and Support service for the Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) Portal. See our FAQs for more information on BC and our support services.

We do NOT get involved in Graphic Design or Web Design. We take the AI/PSD/PNG/PDF designs sent to us by Graphic/Web Designers, code them into HTML5/CSS3, and add them to the Adobe Business Catalyst secure cloud hosting platform. Where our USP comes into play, is that we offer unparalleled levels of support for your clients on the BC platform via telephone, chat, email and remote viewing.


  1. You concentrate on providing top quality designs for your clients. The client relationship always remains with you
  2. Your designs are not constrained in any way. Make use of Databases and Ecommerce in your layouts. 
  3. Send us your designs in AI/PSD/PNG/PDF format. Our experienced HTML5/CSS3 coders will do the rest. 
  4. Once sites are live, your clients receive our BC fanatical help, support and training on demand - no contracts. 
  5. Your client receives a powerful secure, fully managed and flexible 'Business Portal' from Adobe - one of the most respected IT companies on the Planet. 
  6. No more server security or server update issues. This is all managed for you and your clients by Adobe. 
  7. No more software plugins or updates to maintain. 
  8. You have full access to the sites via SFTP for any layout/design changes. 
  9. Alternatively, we can do all this on your behalf.
  10. In time, you can also become an Adobe BC Partner. We can then easily transfer your client sites to your Partner Portal. 
  11. If required, we can still provide support to your clients, as before.
You can view the Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) showcase at http://www.businesscatalyst.com/showcase
This should give you a broad overview of some of the designs that make use of the BC platform and the functionality that they use.

BC has been designed for businesses of all sizes. It provides all the tools that a business needs, to run an online business efficiently, gathered together under 1 roof. It is fully scalable and perfect for anything from a 1 page website up to a full blown Ecommerce site.

Clients can get overwhelmed by the Admin on a new platform. Some clients will want to go down the Self-Service DIY route, whilst others prefer to have everything done for them.
Adobe recognise this and have put together some excellent training videos and a detailed knowledgebase (KB) for the DIY users. For those who want partial or full help, support or implementation, we offer our fanatical support via Chat, Email, Telephone and Remote Viewer.