ABOLUTELY YES. This is our main USP. We are fanatical about support. Whilst most clients are happy to make basic text changes to their pages, add Products to their Ecommerce or Data to their databases, some want us to do everything for them. 

As standard, we provide FREE detailed Video Training and Knowledge Base support. This leads the client by the hand through the intuitive BC admin area. For those who would like us to do most things for them, we provide Remote Viewer/Telephone/Chat/Email support. We believe that this high degree of support is essential, as on the whole, clients do not have time to become BC experts, across all the functionality that is made available to them. 

Customer support is the central HUB of our service. Our Fanatical Support service can be accessed by going to >>> https://sellingonline.zendesk.com or call us on our FREEPHONE number: 0800 011 9481.